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Still stuck indoors and unable to get to Italy?  Don’t despair we‘ll send Italy  to YOU!!


Take a pick from all our products which include: Jams, honey, extra-virgin olive oil, lemon liqueurs all made with fruit from our farm produced and harvested with the hard work of Don Pedro himself!

Fresh pasta made by the hands of our trusted pasta makers, as well as many other typical Mediterranean products so that all our friends near and far  can  stop dreaming of Italy’s wonderful food and wine and start tasting  it again – how fantastic is that?


Our products can be shipped to all the European Community, in the UK, Scotland and extra European such as USA, Canada and Japan.


DON PEDRO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You can’t have an Italian meal without the distinctive  flavour of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an a key part of the Mediterranean  Diet.

The Olives of the Sorrentine Penisula are carefully selected and hand picked and pressed on the same day of the harvesting.

We choose not to filter this pure oil, but to decant in naturally so that it loses none of its flavour or healthgiving elements.

The fresh aromas in this olive oil make it the ideal flavouring for all types of food such as grilled fish, organic salads and vegetables, legumes to mention just a few.

Limoncello Don Pedro

 From the Lemons of Sorrento an exquisite bitter-sweet liqueur was born.


Made by infusing the peels of Sorrento Oval PGI lemons in spirit before adding sugar and water, a natural traditional and simple process, giving it a strong, luscious fragrance.


It should be freezer and served chilled.

Meloncello Don Pedro

 Meloncello cream produced in the Sorrento Peninsula, made from Cantaloupe melon.


It should be served cold and is also excellent in the preparation of fruit salads, desserts and cocktails. fragrant, fresh and creamy.


Without preservatives or artificial flavors.

Finochietto Don Pedro

Fennel,. an excellent liqueur using  a plant that grows freely in the hills surrounding Sorrento.


Only the seeds gathered in August and September are used, producing a fragrant and fresh liqueur.

Don Pedro White Wine


Yellow straw - coloured with greenish reflections, the olfactory notes of fresh fruit in particular are perceptible pineapple and pear, the taste is characterized by sustained acidity and good persistence.
Typology: Falanghina Campania I.G.P.
Grape variety: 100% Falanghina

Food pairings
 It goes very well with raw seafood, shellfish such as oysters, scampi, fresh fish carpaccio and seafood in general.

Don Pedro Red Wine

A more or less intense ruby colour, sometimes tending to garnet, with hints of floral and fruity. it is full-bodied and well balanced on the palate  with a good final persistence. Rosso Don Pedro is a wine with great organoleptic properties and high structure, in fact it lends itself to aging for its tannic and remarkable gradation.
Typology: Campania I.G.P.
 Grape variety: Primitivo 100%

Food pairings
It goes very well with elaborate first courses, meat, game and roasts.

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