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Menu & Aperitif

Menu & Aperitif time 

Let you enjoy with all the flavors and scents of our land!
Our chefs are pleased to offer you the specialties that make us famous all over the world.
From the marvelous terraces of Sorrento you can relax, sipping excellent drinks  while enjoying a breathtaking view over the bay of Naples.  Our main objective is to satisfy your requirements with solutions that will make your holiday in Sorrento a unique and memorable experience.

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Aperitif Time  & Buffet

Your guests will be warmly welcomed and entertained with class and elegance by our staff (family-run). On arrival there will be a Welcome Ceremony, after that you will follow a trail of petals across our bridge to the garden where a sumptuous buffet will await you.

This buffet will consist of hot and cold appetisers, and drinks including Prosecco (Sparkling Dry Wine) and various liqueurs. Meanwhile, there will be an open bar.
 Professionalism, courtesy and love of our work will guarantee the perfect day for the
 We will ensure the Bride and Groom and their guests an unforgettable experience.


Our high-quality dishes are prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, which are blended with flair by our expert chefs, creating original menus that satisfy every demand. In the quest for a personalised and unique menu, our Family-run  can help you choose every detail, for a wedding meal you won’t forget.

Please note the following information:

- The menus below are just examples. You can in fact pick courses from different menus or just send us something that you wish to        have. We can then make your personalized menu.

- If you have guests who have specific requirements such as vegetarian or gluten free food, we are happy to make a special menu for them.

- If you had, for example, 50 guests and you would like to offer to half a starter like Prawn Cocktail and the rest Caprese Salads,  you can also  do the same for the first course and the meal course, there would be no problem. The necessary thing  is that we know in advance how many of each dishes you wish to have.

-Regarding children's menu, we take charge just what they prefer to eat at moment.


Summer 2022/2023

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