Cloisters of St Francesco  -  Sorrento

San Francesco Cloisters


The monastery's origin dates back to the first half of the XVth century. The cloister is a marvelous mix of many architectural styles, from the pagan epoch to the middle ages. The architecture in the cloisters presents crossed arches in tufo on two sides of the portico, expressing the style of the late 1300s and substituted on the other two sides by round arches on octagonal pilasters. Furthermore there are several elements from heathen temples such as the three corner columns reused in the construction.
So  this variety of styles that   have been melted together  in order  to create an ideal setting for art exhibitions , festivals , concerts and events . It is also now used especially  to celebrate civil ceremonies by the town hall.

The setting is incredibly romantic: gothic arches and flowering  plants and trees surround the cloister. Moreover  this last  lies between a stunning church which was built in the XVI century in a baroque style  and the sea view public gardens where you can take some photos . For all these characteristics,  the cloister of St. Francis represents  the most beautiful place  for civil weddings in Sorrento. 

Museo Correale di Terranova - Sorrento

Museo Correale - Sorrento


Sorrento offers  wonderful places  where you can get married  : One of these  is Museo Correale .
The Museo  Correale was Instituted in 1924 by the Correale Foundation (founded in 1902) thanks to the generous  donation of the count Alfredo Correale and his brother Pompeo , who  were the last heirs of an old and noble Sorrento’s family.


Through various wills both brothers decided  that their art collections were  exhibited in Villa Correale so that to make a museum dedicated to their name.


The building itself is composed by  over 24 rooms and the artefacts are divided into three sections: archeology, paintings and porcelain. You can easily follow  the path in the garden that leads you to a lovely panoramic  terrace overlooking the sea with stunning view of the Bay of Naples.


Villa Fondi - Piano di Sorrento

Villa Fondi - Piano di Sorrento



Weddings in Piano di Sorrento celebrated in Villa Fondi are intimate and a perfect way to share your big day with close family and friends.

A Neo–Classical Villa and a centuries old park built in 1840, famous for its  breathtaking  sea views  and characterized  for its numerous olive and palm  trees,a large variety of precious botanical species  including a monumental 200 year  old pine tree.

Today Villa Fondi represents one of the most beautiful garden in the Sorrento peninsula, it is therefore the ideal seaside location  for all couples who wish to realize their dream in a peaceful area  and also it is  very close from the heart of Sorrento.



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