Hair & Makeup

Indulge in a variety of beauty services tailored to your desires. Every request you have will be promptly met!

Our comprehensive hairdressing and beauty services include a trial session 2/3 days before your significant day. On the morning of the ceremony, both the hairdresser and beautician will come to your location, ensuring a stress-free and pampering experience.

 Note: Feel free to share pictures of any hairstyles you desire for your wedding. We’ll pass them along to our hairdresser and provide you with a more precise estimate of both cost and timing.

Choose from a range of services, including:
  • Dry and style (hair) with a handheld dryer.
  • Blow-drying the hair.
  • Styling.
  • Contour makeup.
  • Eye makeup.
  • Natural makeup.
  • Wedding party makeup.
  • Tattoo coverage.
Let us enhance your natural beauty and ensure you radiate confidence on your special day.
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