Transportation: Cars, Trains, Horse & Carriage, and More

Don Pedro is dedicated to handling all the transportation logistics for your wedding seamlessly.

For your special day, we present a variety of transportation options, including:
  • Classic Wedding Cars: Choose from timeless options like the Fiat 500 (old Style), Mercedes, Maserati, Jaguar, and more.
  • Romantic Horse & Carriage: Add a touch of romance with this enchanting option.
  • Superb Antique Cars: Opt for a majestic entrance with options like the White Rolls Royce Princess, Pantheon Excalibur, White Maggiolino cabrio, Cadillac Fleetwood, and various other models.
Transportation for All Your Guests:
  • Minivan Mercedes: Comfortable 8-seater minivans.
  • Minibus: Options for 19, 24, or 36 seats.
  • Bus: Accommodate larger groups with a 50-seat bus.
  • Trains: Convenient transportation options to suit every need.
Let us ensure that your wedding transportation is as exceptional and memorable as the day itself.
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